IT Designed for Healthcare

IT and Healthcare

Healthcare organizations have unique IT requirements that are defined by HIPAA Standards. Technology surrounding encryption, auditing, data security, disaster recovery, and mobility must be implemented in order to minimize data breaches. Such technology can often be an expensive burden to organizations who do not properly understand their application. Although many vendors understand IT, very few understand IT within a healthcare setting.

Our Expertise

As a not-for-profit organization specializing in healthcare services, OFMQ understands the IT requirements of providers. We have developed, deployed, and maintained secure IT infrastructure for the sole purpose of protecting PHI. Our team of experts have worked directly with CMS security officials and contractors to support and maintain secure IT infrastructure and can bring that experience to your organization.

Our Assistance

Our experts can assist with:

• IT Assessments
• Infrastructure Recommendations
• Hardware and Software Installations
• Systems Upgrades
• Vendor Selection & Referrals
• Documentation
• Disaster Recovery

Our Values

OFMQ provides vendor neutral solutions that address your specific needs. We only recommend products and vendors that are proven in healthcare and will not compromise quality. As your trusted healthcare partner in IT, we will ensure you have the right solutions at the right cost.

For more information on IT consulting services, contact us here.

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